Monday, 12 May 2008

Deep Lift

Water water everywhere!

Deep Lift is a quirky little platformer/launch game by SnailsAnimation and BubbleBox. It closely resembles the infamous "NS-Tower". This time though, you're underwater and foolishly dropped your, er wrench.
This game is fun and starts off nice and easy for noobs like Michael Berry, which is why I loved it. Unfortunately, this game was pretty slow and boring.

In other words, if you're an impatient noob, don't play this game. 95%

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Tom Fulp's Castle Crashers

Beards, Flying Heads, and Toast!

A little beat-em-up game featuring Tom Fulp of Newgrounds! Fun and quite simple, this game had nice graphics and very funny animations. Too bad it had little else.

Pros: Fun, simple, addictive, hilarious
Cons: Not much stuff, short

Overall: This game is for a quick laugh...that rocks hard. 91%

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Sneak Peak!

Oh my god...

Hey yall. Remember how I mentioned that a new flash game will be arriving soon? Well guess what-I've decided to tell you about it.
It's called Evasion, and the goal of the game is to use your arrow keys to get to the BIG dot. Sounds easy? Wrong-each time you hit the BIG dot, tiny blue dots appear and begin bouncing straight. Hit one, and you lose points.
You think it's gay? Don't worry, I really don't give a shit about what you nerds/geeks/emos/loserswhodon'thavefriendsthereforerantaboutflashgames think.