Saturday, 29 March 2008

Boxhead: The Zombie Wars

Live free or die hard...or kick some zombie ass

Sean Cooper is a better animator than Brad Bourne, creator of FancyPants. Sean's latest game in the Boxhead series is perfect as well. Not only are the graphics revamped (requiring latest flash player bugged me), but new weapons, new zombies, and the addition of the awesome AI turrets made me feel as if I was doing a little Tarpit Defense on Starcraft.

Pros: Lots of new stuff, new 'defense mode' similar to Tarpit Defense, graphically revamped
Cons: You need latest flash player, no two player anymore, only 4 maps in classic and defense mode.

Overall: Boxhead: The Zombie Wars is a game that is worth updating your flash player for. 98% out of 100

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