Monday, 31 March 2008

Thing Thing 2

Another reason why you shouldn't play with guns kids!

Oh boy! Thing Thing 2, one of the older installments in the legendary Thing Thing collection! Violent games may be leading in popularity, but Thing Thing 2 drags down their lead by a lot.
One good thing about this was that it's an easy badge to get on

This game actually could have had great potential, if it weren't for the fact the guy who made this decided to put recoil in the game. I know, recoil is good and realistic, but once you play Thing Thing 2, you realize that the recoil in that game screwed it over. I had to aim at the top left of the screen in order to shoot left center, and that wasn't fun. There was no variety in any of the different levels, which also dragged Thing Thing 2 closer to scorpios' game Asteroids, which is pretty bad.

It's a game in the Thing Thing series, and it's an easy badge to get on kongregate
Cons: Stupid recoil, no level variety, easy to beat
Besides the fact this game is an easy badge on kongregate, I'd rather lick milk off a piece of shit than play this game again. 5%

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