Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Stormwinds, and The Ladykillers

Okay, The Ladykillers is a great movie I saw today. (Google it, and click on the older film). A daring heist goes wrong, and an old lady forces a band of 5 crooks to return the money. Obviously, the crooks object, and pull straws to kill the woman. Unfortunately, talk is cheap...

Stormwinds. The legendary tower defense game thingy. That...SUCKS. First of all-No auto fire? Secondly-Gay glitches, and the game gets too hard too early. 3/5

Balloon Invasion. If you thought Stormwinds was bad, you don't want to play this. The Air-Strike idea was creative. Too bad gameplay sucked hard ass. 1/5


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Ladykillers is a great film said...

hey sup dude. Email and tell her to get her ass off the computer NOW. THEN we can play SC. But keep it up!