Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Shift 2

Shift Happens

Remember good old Shift? The game with the references? Guess what-the sequel just came out. And it's hardcore.
This time, Shit 2 stops the references and instead makes up taunts of its own. More fun comes in droves, and new items, squares, and puzzles will make your head explode! Another sweet thing: Shift 2 has medals, trophies, and a hot babe of a map maker!
Unfortunately, your head may explode due to frustration, but that's okay I guess: Shift is a puzzler.

Pros: Bigger and better than Shift, got rid of the Portal jokes, mapmaker
Cons: Frustratingly annoying
Overall: Shift 2 is way better than the original, and it's also ditched the dur dur dur jokes. 94%

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