Wednesday, 16 April 2008


Geometry Wars Jr.

While reviewing Boomstick, I noticed that I had forgotten to talk about ZunderFury, the almost perfect imitation of GWars.
Boomstick is for people who want fun and simple games that can be played within minutes. That's good, but like I said Boomstick doesn't have much long lasting influence.
Likewise, ZunderFury is more serious. Powerups are bought and are long lasting (besides bombs), and the gameplay is exactly the same as GWars. Unfortunately, ZunderFury is all about dedication to the game: leveling up your ship and getting different powerups.

Pros: Perfect GWars clone
Cons: Lacks addictivity the longer you play it
Overall: ZunderFury is great for GWars diehards, but for fast-paced quick play it utterly fails. 92%

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