Thursday, 3 April 2008

Thing Thing 4

Twice the number, twice the shit

Remember the legendary 'Thing Thing' series? I don't care if it's a legend-Thing Thing just plain sucks.
The newest installment pits you as the guy from the other games trying to escape from the little shithole he's stuck in. There's no more recoil problems, which made this game pretty breezy...besides the fact that this game is Lagatopia Central. No matter how uber your comp is, this crap lags. So here's a question for you: would you rather play Crysis, the hottest game on the market, or Thing Thing 4, the laggiest crap ever created?

Pros: Better graphics, no more gay recoil
Cons: LAGGY LAND, not worth playing at all
Overall: Unless you're a Thing Thing die-hard or some dick without a life, don't play this crappy game at all. 25%

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